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MANCHESTER, April 2013– Dr. J. Gavin Muir of Manchester Community Health Center (MCHC) was named Family Physician of the Year Saturday evening by the New Hampshire Academy of Family Physicians (NHAFP).

Muir, who has served all of his years in practice in a community health center setting where he dedicates himself to serving the uninsured and the underserved, expressed thanks for the award, but did so on behalf of all workers in community health centers.  “I would like to think that it elevates the profile of all of the dedicated doctors and providers that work with the underserved around the state in community health centers,” he said.

Muir graduated with a B.S. from Princeton University and an MD from Temple University School of Medicine.  He did his residency at Southern Colorado Family Medicine, joining MCHC in 1998 as a staff physician.  He became the Medical Director at MCHC in 2000.

“We are proud of Dr. Muir and happy to see him receive this outstanding recognition,” said MCHC President/CEO Kris McCracken.  “Direct, honest and thoughtful, his bedside manner is second to none.  He is an excellent physician and were he not a friend and colleague, I’d send my whole family to him and rest easy knowing they’d receive the best possible care.” 

McCracken praised Muir for his leadership role in MCHC’s Quality Improvement program and his strong advocacy for obstetrical care among family physicians.  She said he establishes quality, caring, mentoring relationships with his patients, who adore him, as well as with his co-workers. “He has fantastic teaching skills and uses them both with patients and with the rest of the medical staff,” said McCracken.

Dr. John Thomas of Elliot Hospital nominated Muir for the award, which recognizes outstanding family physicians. “Gavin could easily find employment that would offer him higher compensation, with fewer hours, less stress and a more easily managed patient population, yet he is content to eschew these greener grasses in order to continue caring for the most needy among us,” said Thomas.

According to Thomas, a nurse mid-wife who once worked with both he and Muir perhaps put it best, saying, “Gavin really gets being a family physician.”  Thomas agrees, adding that Muir has a way of helping patients feel comfortable even while treating complex health conditions and urging them to a healthier lifestyle.

For his part, Muir said he enjoys working at MCHC as a family physician because of the breadth of pathology and the varied demographics, serving everyone from newborns to 90-year-olds, as well as for the opportunity to assist the underserved.  “I practice at MCHC because I believe I make a difference in patients' lives,” he said.